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Mango Panna Cotta

Looks so elegant and tastes so delicious that you won’t believe how easy it is to make! Creamy, rich and smooth dessert topped with fresh mango and raspberries. All you need is some simple ingredients: fresh mango, mango juice, gelatin, milk, heavy cream and vanilla extract. Wow your guest with this refreshing dessert at your next party! No bake, easy dessert. 

This could become your favorite dessert if you love mango. The tartness of the mango balances perfectly with the panna cotta. We used stemless wine glasses for serving to show off the colors, but any tumbler will work too.

Panna cotta is a famous dessert hailing from Italy and translates as “cooked cream”. It’s a softly set pudding that is firm, but velvety smooth. It’s made in many flavors including vanilla, strawberry, lemon, espresso, the list goes on …

If you prefer a lighter variation, simply substitute half and half milk for the heavy cream one for one. The recipe may be slightly less creamy, but will still be delicious. Have fun and enjoy!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Mango Panna Cotta @ tipbuzz.com

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