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Healthy Banana Split

The Greek yogurt is packed with protein, and the granola adds in flavorful fiber without a ton of sugar.  This healthy banana split recipe will keep you full quite a bit longer than a bowl of sugary cereal.  The vividly colored fresh fruit entices the eyes–feeding those chemical firings in your brain that beg for something beautiful and delicious.  The natural sugars in the fruit will give a more desirable energy boost sans the guilt.  It’s a winning combo.

This healthy banana split recipe will even be a hit as a dessert.  So many people are trying to avoid high-sugar desserts. They feel sabotaged when they don’t have healthier options at functions. Make this healthy banana split recipe as a dessert bar for your next birthday party–or summer social event at the park–by offering different yogurt flavors, fruit, nuts, coconut, etc.

This delicious but Healthy Banana Split Recipe is magic for your tastebuds and waistline, and perfect for making with your kids. 

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Healthy Banana Split @ eatingrichly.com

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