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Birch Log Cake

Around this time of year the snow starts falling and baking season begins. As a baker, this means dozens of cookies and lots of seasonal cakes. Sometimes it’s fun to bake up your family’s traditional recipes and sometimes it’s fun to mix it up a bit. Well, in this case, we used the classic ubiquitous yule log as our inspiration and literally turned it on its side to create this more modern Winter Birch Log Cake.

This winter tree look-alike starts with three 6″ cake layers to make a really tall layered cake. You can use any cake flavor you like, but we were partial to this gingerbread latte cake. A tall cake means you have plenty of room to display your birch tree design on the sides and creating the tree bark is deceptively simple. 

It starts by painting dark chocolate melted candy coating in a birch tree inspired pattern and then layering it with a thin layer of white coating on top. Once firm, you can easily break the sheet of bark into shards to layer and decorate the sides of your cake. To make the snowy winter forest theme complete, we’ve added a few whimsical woodland cake novelties to add a focal point.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Birch Log Cake @ thecakeblog.com

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