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German Chocolate Cookies

They were absolutely wonderful. Put in fridge overnight and took to work and wow they were a great big hit and tasted just as good today as they did last night. Added to my cookbook already will make again for sure. Everyone that tried them loved them. This recipe was easy to follow and turned out great. I loved making these, they were amazing & such a great idea!

I made these the Lazy way with a German choc mix and the coconut nutty frosting out of the can..with a 1/2 cup melted choc chips with a tablespoon of milk to thin it out put in a piece of wax paper made in a cone drizzled over top. The cake mix I added 3 eggs, 1/2 cup applesauce and 2 T milk. Hand blended. Dropped onto cookie sheet sprayed with Pam baked @ 350 10 min frosted warm. Perfect. Made 2 dozen. Placed in covered containers on waxed paper. Only downfall can’t stack them. Very moist cookies.

Oh my YUM!! German Chocolate Cookies feature a homemade ultra soft, chewy, gooey double chocolate cookie loaded with a flavorful coconut pecan topping. Amazing!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> German Chocolate Cookies @ handletheheat.com

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