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Frosted Cranberry Cookies

These are the perfect holiday cookie recipe. I love these cookies! They just scream the holidays. These are bound to be my new favorite cookie.

Frosted Cranberry Cookies! Glorious soft cranberry shortbread cookies with sweet vanilla icing and sugared dried cranberries on top. I made a double batch of these and gave them out to the neighbors and everyone asked for the recipe ASAP. That is always a good sign!

These cookies are super quick to bake (only 10 minutes) and you use leftover cranberry sauce/jelly in them! So make sure and also save this recipe to make the weekend after Thanksgiving with all your leftover cranberry sauce.

These Frosted Cranberry Cookies were a giant hit this weekend. The base is a classic buttery soft shortbread cookie with a twist — cranberry jelly/sauce (canned or fresh both work great)!

Sweet soft cranberry shortbread cookies with vanilla cranberry icing!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Frosted Cranberry Cookies @ thenovicechefblog.com

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